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Empowering Employees to be Authentic Brand Advocates

August 2, 2023

Kevin Windorf


Chief Marketing Officer, North America

Imagine a world where your marketing content maximises its full potential right from the start. How? It’s all up to your employees - if you can get them to step up as enthusiastic brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your company on their personal social media channels. Tapping into that energy would propel your content's reach and engagement to new heights.

But how do you pull that off without overstepping your corporate role – and remaining authentic to your brand qualities?

Employee advocacy isn’t just another buzzword in marketing; it’s the key to transforming your teams into proud cheerleaders, passionately rooting for the home team. Much like customer brand advocates, your employees can become conduits for brand messaging, carrying your company-related content into their personal networks and evangelising all that your brand stands for.

Think about it. As the lifeblood of your company, employees can offer credibility and authenticity.

Across the social media frenzy, where there’s a cacophony of brand noise fighting for attention, your employees’ voices can cut through the din. Their heartfelt endorsement of your brand adds a personal touch, igniting your reputation, boosting visibility, and expanding your reach like never before.

Research indicates that people are more inclined to engage with individuals rather than companies on social media. While executives play vital roles, it’s crucial not to underestimate the significance of every single employee. Empowering them as brand ambassadors on their social platforms unlocks a wealth of untapped opportunities.

All of your employees’ connections and followers represent prospective audience members for your content. You stand to multiply your content’s reach exponentially. The true power lies in the personal relationships sustaining these networks—real people ready to engage because a trusted connection has brought them together.

In the digital age, employee evangelism becomes the ultimate form of word-of-mouth marketing, driving your content strategy forward. Of course, implementing an employee brand advocacy program comes with its challenges, but they can be gracefully navigated.

To ensure a warm welcome from employees, engage internal stakeholders in a ‘hearts and minds’ exercise. Show respect for them as individuals with lives beyond the workplace. By exposing them to the program’s spirit, you inspire enthusiasm and genuine participation. Incorporating training sessions and clear communication will elevate the experience, and adding interactive elements like gamification and recognition activities can further fuel engagement.

As employee voices rise in unison for your brand, preserving brand consistency becomes paramount. Here’s where marketers should provide guidelines and templates and encourage the use of approved content. Recognition of employee efforts, through interaction, even rewards, will help ensure your brand and its messaging remains true to its core.

Since your brand speaks to the heart of your company and its culture – and that culture is how your employees live your brand, encourage them to communicate your content to their world and amplify all that your marketing strategy aims to achieve.

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