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Beyond the Inbox: Crafting Content Strategies for Financial Marketers

September 22, 2023

Kevin Windorf


Chief Marketing Officer, North America

In the financial sector, emails are pivotal touchpoints, presenting both challenges and opportunities. With average users receiving 100-120 emails daily, crafting the perfect email that stands out is crucial. Here's a guide to ensure your content strategy elevates your emails from among the firehose of daily communications.
  1. Declare Your Brand Identity with Your Sender Name

Your sender name isn’t just an ID—it’s the very first touchpoint of your email. Incorporate your brand name seamlessly. This familiarises recipients with your brand, enhancing recall and fostering trust.

  1. Optimise the Subject Line

An astonishing 64% of email users decide whether to open an email based on the subject line. Aim for a maximum of 40 characters, avoiding ALL CAPS. Subject lines between 6-10 words have the highest open rates. Personalised subject lines see a 50% spike in open rates. And while emojis can enhance effectiveness by 70%—but remember, less is more, so just use one.


  1. Evoke Urgency and Exclusivity

Subject lines that convey a sense of urgency or exclusivity garner a 22% uptick in open rates. This strategy can jolt readers, prompting immediate action.

  1. Craft Your Message for Quick Scanning

Users predominantly scan emails. Prioritise your content by frontloading the first two words for optimal digestibility. Make every word matter, and shape content to cater to quick scans while still delivering core messages.

  1. Navigate Spam Triggers

It’s not just about what to include, but what to avoid. Circumvent spam trigger words (e.g., “get started now” and “join millions”) to ensure your emails land in the main inbox, preserving both your message’s integrity and your brand reputation.

  1. Consider Testimonials and Case Studies

Highlighting testimonials or case studies instills trust. Real-world success stories resonate with readers, offering proof of your claims and capabilities.

  1. Celebrate Key Occasions
Welcome emails witness a staggering 91.43% open rate. Capitalise on such occasions and celebrate when someone joins, connects or starts a new or expanded relationship. However, be cautious with labeling your content as a “newsletter”, which could decrease open rates by 18.7%.
  1. Start the Action with Video
Video isn’t just for social platforms; it’s making waves in emails, too. Enhance engagement by including a clickable video thumbnail, leveraging strong visuals coupled with a clear “play/watch” CTA.
  1. Deliver Value in Every Send

With recipients sifting through numerous emails daily, ensure every email you send is packed with value. From insights to offers, make each email a treasure trove of utility and benefits.

  1. Reflect and Refine

Continuously assess and adjust. Dive deep into analytics, but also consider direct feedback. It’s not just about metrics, but about creating meaningful, lasting connections.

Content strategy in email marketing is a multifaceted endeavor. But with a deep understanding of user behavior, meticulous crafting of content, and a relentless focus on delivering value, financial marketers can truly transform their email campaigns into powerful engagement tools.

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