Our normal working world is open plan, open minded and made for sharing. Today, Business Unusual means, enclosed, isolated.

Can it possibly work? Can a closely knit team operate effectively when it’s spread out as individual units? Well, where there is a will, and a lot of planning, there is a way. As we at 2112 have discovered over the last week.

By all pulling together, overcoming minor hitches and frustrations with good humour and persistence, we are now serving our clients as well as we ever have. Or, as well as we ever can without face to face interaction. Technology to the fore, we are successfully serving clients around the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Delivering campaigns, strategy, design, content and websites. Nothing is a replacement for human interaction and although we are all in separate locations, we are at work, fulfilling our clients’ requests, maintaining our reputation for delivering on time, on budget and with a smiley face.

From all at 2112

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Business Unusual

It’s a sustainable pandemic taking hold!

We all know of the popularity of sustainability, ESG and sustainable investing. Every manager wants to be seen to be in love with ESG and it’s values and sustainable funds are the order of the day. The last decade has seen a gradual rise in responsible, ESG and sustainable funds, which has now started to be less gradual – you might want to call it an explosion!

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