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Motion Graphics to the Rescue

April 22, 2020

2112 Communications


In today’s world, we find ourselves scrolling through a plethora of online content every day. We have become accustomed to seeing too many digital posts.

We rarely spend time actually reading the entire article we just clicked, or spending more than a couple of seconds looking at our friend’s latest Instagram post. Social media users tend to rush through web pages, visual and text posts without noticing most of them. They only stop if something is captivating. This has now increased even more due to Covid-19 and social distancing.

This is where Motion Graphics come to the rescue at successfully marketing your business.

Motion Graphics are animations and digital footage, combined with audio for use in multimedia content. Motion Graphics can be applied to commercials, video, film, TV and much more, including interactive applications.

Why exactly are Motion Graphics so valuable at this time?

01 In a sea of content, they can stand out!

Motion Graphics can successfully combine animated visuals with audio, making them stand out amongst the sea of text and image posts online. In a few seconds, you can effectively communicate an idea to your audience.

02 They can make boring and difficult content into something fun!

Motion Graphics achieve what a lot of text content doesn’t. They makes learning fun! This is why it’s very popular for educational purposes too. With their high visual power, stunning design and animation, Motion Graphics are known to turn even the most boring or most difficult information into something appealing and enticing.

03 They can be elegant and sophisticated.

A well-made Motion Graphics video is considered one of the most sophisticated forms of marketing communication – hence the tendency of Motion Graphics posts to be shared on social media more often than text and static image posts.

04 Motion Graphics come in many different styles!

Want to communicate something formally? Maybe you want your message to have a more quirky, cartoony style to it? Each Motion Graphics video has its own language. It could be a whiteboard animation, character or a shape animation. It is not mandatory to have a 100% Motion Graphics video! You could also mix Motion Graphics with Live Action footage.

05 People remember Motion Graphics videos!

At least 65% of people are “visual learners”. This means that a large portion of our brain is devoted to analysing visual information, and that gives us the ability to remember pictures. Motion Graphics combines animated visuals with audio. Your video will be remembered!

When do Motion Graphics work best?
01 Short and sweet.
People nowadays do not go through pages and pages of text online. In the same way, people don’t like really long videos. For marketing purposes, the maximum recommended length of a Motion Graphics video is between 45 seconds to 1 minute. The shorter, the better.
02 Simply does it.
Explanatory videos work best when the message is clear in audio. Too much style variety and too many messages can lead to confusion. It can be tempting to make a video complicated, but we have to remember that less is more. Let the visuals, and maybe the music too, do the talking.

In short…

The use of Motion Graphics can really benefit your marketing strategy. Whether you want to combine different styles and techniques together, whether you want to pass out a serious or professional image, or a more laid back and approachable personality, Motion Graphics can help you communicate your message in a quick and catchy way.

We strongly encourage you to start working Motion Graphics content into your next marketing strategy!

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Anna Stachtiari
Animator & Digital Designer

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