It’s certainly Business Unusual for investment managers

For many investment management firms, the Covid 19 journey is on and it’s definitely Business Unusual right now. Like many in and around the industry, it’s clear, like many other sectors, that the investment industry has its own challenges and hurdles to overcome during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s a case of dealing with what’s directly in front of us. And, that’s definitely true from a communications perspective.

Exploring the wider feedback in and around the investment management industry, as well as that of our global client partners, there are a number of common factors.

Right now we’re seeing a huge amount of pressure being placed on communication and content teams. There’s an intense and urgent need to put out timely and frequent updates, news and content to the market, advisers, institutions and investors. What’s more, they need to be fact backed, interesting and engaging, as well as on brand, with a tone adjusted for this current crisis. And finally, be compliant.

While there is still space for strategic ruminations, from a communications perspective, what we’re seeing is an intense focus on dealing with what’s directly in front of us. Right now, it’s also about being practical and tactical, delivering helpful, informative and engaging communications continually. And, naturally, without losing sight of the bigger picture. It’s important to ensure we maintain investment brand integrity or use this crisis as an opportunity to enhance corporate reputation further through improved communication behaviours – showing greater understanding for the needs of partners and investors, adjusting our approach and language, as well as being seen to continue to engage with the market.

For us, this means being constantly up and running, using multiple webchat and web conference platforms, almost 24/7 across all the markets in which we and our clients operate and need to communicate in. We’re generating new digital content, fast moving campaigns and channel specific communications, turned around faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

We’re really happy to be part of the solution for all our clients, wherever they are, and of course the wider investment sector. We’re here to help. Right here, right now. Because, for us and the investment sector this has to be our focus and in doing so, the future will take of itself.

Whatever you do, stay safe & connected.

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