2112 Communications



Our purpose is to make a positive and material contribution to our client partners' success, wherever they are.

Our mission is to build a lasting organisation, with innovation, creativity and technology based solutions for our people to realise their talents and our clients to realise their potential and value to the world.

Who we're for

We’re here for the global financial services industry. For investment managers, for advice firms, for insurers and life businesses, for fintechs and more.


Our positioning

We exist to fill the gap between global creative agencies and specialist financial agencies. Big ideas meet investment expertise.


We help our clients every day. We do this because we truly understand the dynamics of the global financial services market, the products, the distribution challenges, local market nuances and the ways to activate engagement.


Who we are


Good, honest, smart and dedicated people. Committed and focused.

People with a clear purpose and a desire to truly make a difference. Strategic, creative, data, media and technology experts, who work with you to uncover and act on truths and create work with real purpose.

Luke Delport

Director of Digital Development

Anthony Codd

Senior Studio Artworker

Enrico Zuccarello

Lead Designer

Helen Jones

Content Strategy & Messaging Specialist

Ruby Cooper


Adam Garwood

Account Manager

Siobhan Brunton

Group Account Director

Neil Cornford

Finance Manager

Neil Fenton

Studio Director

Aaron Williams

Finance Director

Marco Afonso

Motion Graphics Designer

Daniel Williams

Full Stack Web Developer

Andrew Golding

Chief Strategy Officer

Anthony Buck

Key Account Director

Stephen Wright

Production Manager

Louise Packer

Office Manager

Beth Day

Junior Account Manager

Felicity Moore

Head of Design

Jack Stewart

Studio Artworker

Kevin Windorf

Chief Marketing Officer - North America

Janice Hamilton

Senior Designer

Jack Howell

Account Manager

Phil Hawkins


Mick Winn

Studio Manager

Jess Kàdàr

Social Media Content Manager

Darren Howes

Studio Director

Chris Renga

Lead Developer

Jim Birchenough

Video and Content Lead

Elle Ormesher

Social Media Content Manager

Esther Parks

Senior Account Director


Corporate responsibility




Our Culture

2112 is a people business and our culture is incredibly important to us all. Maintaining relationships with hybrid and flexible remote working can be challenging but we have worked hard at supporting each other. We operate a flat, hierarchy and bureaucracy free structure, where trust is built on good communication with inclusivity at its centre.

We are like a family, and like any family we don’t always see eye to eye, but we always respect one another and listen to what we all have to say. We definitely take it personally, and that is what makes us what we are. We are committed and work hard, and when the time is right, play hard too.

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