Jimmy’s Story
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YMCA is the largest provider of safe and supported accommodation for young people in England & Wales. But due to cuts to youth services since 2010, they were struggling to fill the gaps in youth homelessness.
Budget was an issue for YMCA. So, we made it our purpose to maximise net income through increasing donations and reducing production costs. We knew that to do this, we needed to connect with the charity’s audience like never before. So we set about creating a highly emotive appeal directed at supporters who had been most responsive in the past.

The result was ‘Jimmy’s Story’ – a young man’s account of finding himself on the streets at just 20 years of age and suffering mental health difficulties after his father was tragically killed. We felt that re-telling Jimmy’s experience in the right way would not only connect emotionally with our audience but also demonstrate the difference their donations can make to young people’s lives.

The team at 2112 got to work. We created a DM pack around Jimmy’s story, from concept to finished artwork, including bespoke photoshoot, case study interview along with data processing, print and final production. All within our client’s budget.


The appeal exceeded the net income target and improved on the ROI.

Jimmy’s Story is another example of what can be achieved through work with purpose.