What advisers really want
Important research by 2112 shines a light on what’s most important to intermediaries and their investor clients.

Recent research amongst financial advisers commissioned by 2112, the London-based creative communications company, has revealed compelling insight for the industry and product providers specifically. The research is the first in what will become a twice-yearly survey, to track the changing opinions and behaviours of financial advisers.

The research was conducted in conjunction with Opinium, whose monthly omnibus surveys the opinions of 200 advisers across a range of product sectors, locations and job titles, within organisations ranging in size and AUM.

The research explores important topics such as advisers’ preference for performance against cost; the type of communications they would prefer to receive; and the importance of brand recognition. The full insight from the research outcomes is illustrated in the infographics which can be viewed here;

How to help advisers do their job

What advisers want from product providers

How to communicate with advisers they way they want

Phil Hawkins, CEO of 2112 Communications commented“Investment management plays a massively important role in the lives of almost all of us through the management of our money, whether it is invested in pensions, bonds or equities.

“We believe there is a need for better communications throughout the industry and it is really interesting to get the views and insights of those at the frontline of the investment process, the financial advisers themselves.”

 Ian Pascal of HiPath Consulting, who advised on the research, added;

“Product providers should re-think their communications strategies and give front line advisers what they say they want: Short, informative, content that they can use directly with their clients. It’s a challenge because of compliance barriers and the tendency to use jargon, but one that marketers need to overcome.”


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