Covid-19 has and will change everything in the short term for brands and businesses. This is certainly not business as usual –

What we all do now, shapes all our futures. Don’t believe me, well Professor Mark Ritson has put it extremely succinctly – “The practical reality of global economic trade means that we need to market now for the good of all mankind” and “The wheels of industry need to keep turning so workers are paid and families are fed. Those wheels are best greased by effective marketing”.

To be blunt – it could not be put more directly. The confidence of the markets, consumers and business, which has been knocked for six in the last few days, weeks and months for those ahead of us, is clear for all to see. This is now a case of buckling up for a very interesting and perhaps challenging ride over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Our communication behaviours, will have a long lasting impact on our brands, our businesses, their reputation and vitally the ability to bounce back quicker when we get through this current challenge – as a global economic community AND also as individual businesses.

It’s certainly an interesting and challenging time for us all but it’s vital we keep communicating and connecting right now, constantly adapting to the changing landscape and attitudes that are out there.

One day in the not too distant future, people and businesses, to their offices, the trains, streets, pubs and shops they can’t do right now, so it’s vital to keep the wheels of our brands turning, along with the economy and community we’re all part.

The world of business needs to keep moving in order to maintain the integrity of our livelihoods, and 2112 is here to help.

Stay safe and keep communicating.