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2112 Fridays #5

This week in our creative round up we have some incredible make-up, Derren Brown has a hidden skill and Paul McCartney answers Google questions about himself . Enjoy.

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2112 Fridays #4

In our Friday round up of things we've seen on our creative travels during the week we've got a video of an incredible line drawing animation, a video to balance the negative press drones have recieved lately and some next level bubble blowing. Enjoy.

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How a bottled water brand got global exposure without breaking the bank

A woman wearing a blue dress holding a tray laden with Fiji Water appeared in the background of photo after photo on the red carpet. “Before the widening eyes of the internet, Fiji Water Girl — as she has become known — morphed into the year’s first show-stopping meme,” Business Insider reported.

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Virtual Reality: How can business take it beyond being just eye candy?

It’s safe to say that Virtual Reality hasn’t entirely made the in-roads into our everyday lives as many predicted. Weren’t we all going to be doing the weekly shopping or watching our favourite TV shows with a headset on by now?

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How China is Transforming Content Consumption

If someone was to ask you where the new frontier of digital innovation was, you’d probably say something like ‘Silicon Valley’ or maybe even ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in London. But as you’ve probably guessed by now, you’d be wrong.

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2II2 Fridays #2

It's the weekend! Welcome to our Friday edition of the blog where we share a few of the best things we’ve seen on our creative travels this week. So, get yourself a cup of tea, a bourbon biscuit or a custard cream and feast your eyes on something completely different.

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Straplines. How to write a great one.

‘have we lost the art of writing the great company strapline?’ It certainly seems like we aren’t coming up with any good ones anymore and there have been some mighty ones down the years. The most successful ones have turned businesses into billion-dollar companies, distilling everything important that a company stands for and acting as a springboard for great communications.

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2II2 Fridays #1

It’s the weekend! Here are a few of the best things we’ve seen on our creative travels this week. A font that could help students cramming for exams, some oddly satisfying videos, creativity from a New York city spray paint artist and some flip-books that got our animators excited.

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London Design Festival

September has always been one of our favourite months. It’s when the annual celebration of all things design rocks up in the capital. The London Design Festival is the ultimate chance to discover design and craft at its very best.

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